Holeless Belt- Royal Blue-up to 44″ waist- trim to fit


Why buy a holeless belt? Simple. Standard leather belts don’t fit properly. We don’t gain or lose weigh in 1″ increments. So why does our belt adjust as if we do?

Introducing holeless belts that can adjust by 1/4″ by simply releasing the small lever. Buckles will vary and are subject to change from photo.

Here is a great scenario: I go to dinner and eat a good filling meal. After the meal, my belly is pushing against the belt. I wish I could loosen my belt to breathe a bit easier. Now I can with these 100% cowhide leather holeless belts.

These photos illustrate the sleeknees of the buckle. Great for jeans and dress pants. Love that versatility.

Stop creating your own holes in your belts. Stop causing your belts to crack because you need a bigger size. Stop wearing a gappy looking belt because the belt is too big but the other hole is too small.

Invest $75 in a great belt that ACTUALLY fits you properly.